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Change the Way You Do Business

​Emergent Business works with businesses that require significant shifts in their approach to sales, account management and customer service in order to compete successfully and achieve their growth goals.

​For over 35 years we have been instrumental in helping businesses establish or regain industry leadership, identify the unique value-added benefits associated with their offering, and define value-added strategies that create mutually beneficial industry and client relationships that overcome the negative affects of increasing competition, commodity pricing, and the inability to differentiate that too often equate value with the lowest price.

Embrace Value Creation

At Emergent Business we believe that Value Creation is the primary pathway to consistent, predictable and profitable growth. We also believe that a person-centered approach to relationship development, proactive engagement, servant leadership, and the unquestionable strengths of your offering are strategic companions in the creation of that value.

In our approach, value creation is the logical consequence of cultivating value-added relationships consistently and predictably over time – one conversation at a time.

We believe that a proactive and service-driven style of leadership that is invested in identifying and satisfying the unmet needs of prospects, clients, and industry partners creates meaningful professional relationships that showcase the unique value-added benefits and professionalism of our clients in ways that place their competitors at a distinct disadvantage.

We know from experience that businesses who embrace our framework produce higher levels of gratitude, satisfaction, and loyalty that reward them with quantifiable increases in professional referrals, client acquisition, retention, and revenue.

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“​Joe Merlino offers a rare commodity: exuberance, a solid understanding of the customer experience, and effective strategies for discovering the not so obvious advantages that give one company leverage over another.”
​– Serena Huffman, Regional VP, Cetera Financial Advisors

​“Joe is a powerful resource in the areas of sales strategy and business development. Much of that success relies on his unique ability to connect with people and marry personal skills with technical proficiency and sound business development practices.”
​– Janet Phillips, Director of Technical Support and Training Services, Sonic Wall

"An urgent or emerging situation calling for immediate action.”

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